Running Like a Mother

I don’t know Dimity and Sarah, and bought their books .
I tell you this so you know that I mean, in all sincerity, that I LOVE these books. The amount of gushing I’m about to do might make you doubt my lack of bias, but here goes…

I found them through their podcast, Another Mother Runner, and grabbed Run Like a Mother from the library. Holy bananas, the way it feels like your good friends giving you the nitty gritty on how this running thing works made it hard to put down, and that is just NOT how I read non-fiction.

proud running mama in this amazing fam.

I’m not a big buyer of books. I rarely re-read, and have far too many books already, but, even if just for the mental toughness chapter (reading it has become a night before the race tradition), I wanted this one.

When Train Like A Mother was published, I was excited to read it. I also happened to be in need of a 10k training plan. I had been putting in miles, but hadn’t done much in the way of speedwork or hill workouts, and their 10k Own It plan was a challenging, yet practical, fit. There are intervals and hills, but not days and days of track workouts. Each week has a necessary workout, and one you can skip if you are down to it time-wise. Part of the plan is to skip running from time to time and choose a “fun workout.”

If you want to check the style of their plans out for yourself, their plan for the beginning runner – the 5k Finish It plan, and the plan for the anthem race of mother runners – the Half Marathon Finish It plan, are available.

I’m using the Half Marathon Own It plan to train for the Monster Dash for MATTOO, and loving it so far. I have found that the fun workout space in the plan has hit at some very needed moments, and am grateful to have it in the plan.

Thanks to Sarah and Dimity and all the mother runners who’ve been part of their books for serious inspiration and lots of hilarity. Happy to be part of the tribe!


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