THANK YOU! Oh, what a race!

Photo Bomber
Ready to race with a huge MiMS fan + a mysterious photo-bomber.

To you wonderful race donors! Here you are! Find your name! THANK YOU! I loved sharing the story of your generosity.

Left Arm Thanks
Stephanie W, Elijah W, The Mays, Amy W, The Larsons, Reagan & Boston!
Right Arm Thanks
The Binders, The Aderinkomis, Wyatt, Jevan, Ron C!

It was a warm and beautiful night! The two sites gathered and had a fantastic team cheer all together before heading off to do some pre-race volunteering.

Dwight Prerace
Emanuel resident Dwight & I Pre-race
Higher Ground resident John and Higher Ground staff Amanda
Higher Ground resident John and Higher Ground staff Amanda

I was assigned to run in this super team! We ran like queens and kings down the middle of Hennepin Ave, with little kid high-fives as super fuel.

Manny and I on the run...
Manny and I on the run…

Part way through, this guy’s pacer (another wonderful Amanda!) had knee trouble and I got the privilege to run with Manny – one of the original Higher Ground team members – an old friend.

Cheek Thanks
The Prices, The Kotlyars, and The Zenners!

Here is where I get to give some HUGE THANKS to some AMAZING supporters. It was an honor to wear your names! My parents went into super-stellar territory, and I can never say enough thanks. They matched the $500 I set out to raise with $500 of their own. They did it in honor of their grand-kids who tried to out-charm one another in the photo documentation… Wyatt Cheek Thanks Jack Cheek ThanksThe race finished in a flurry of cheers and high-fives – first races and PRs and team love. A wonderful, wonderful night!

This adventure is wrapped up but the invitation to come run with us

(email!) still stands! See you on the trails!


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